Plate of foodservice Golden Tiger Asian Potstickers in an Asian restaurants setting

5 Popular Appetizers for Asian Restaurants

For many years we have had the opportunity to supply Asian restaurants with a wide variety of dishes ranging from appetizers like egg rolls and potstickers to dim sum, and along the way we’ve learned a lot about the food diners crave. In this article we are going to briefly touch on 5 appetizers all Asian restaurants should serve.

Looking at the classics, almost every Chinese restaurant we supply serves either egg rolls or spring rolls – or both! Some diners prefer the lighter, flakier feel of spring rolls but both are equally as delicious.

Another favorite is potstickers whether they’re steamed, seared on high heat to produce a crispy bottom or deep fried altogether. At Golden Tiger, we offer potstickers with a variety of fillings including chicken, pork, and vegetables.

Last but not least, cha su bao and siew mai – both popular dim sum dishes – are also crowd favorites. Best of all, they’re easy to prepare and will have your diners coming back for more.