Why Trust Golden Tiger ®


A Long History of Quality

Jean Lee’s family came to the United States in 1963, settling in Los Angeles. They opened Chinese Deli, soon becoming one of the busiest restaurants in Chinatown. The restaurant was the first Chinese “fast food” concept, and they followed old family recipes, filling the kitchen with the scent of barbecue roasted pork, fresh seafood cooked in woks and stir-fried vegetables.

Plates of foodservice Golden Tiger Specialty Asian Appetizers in a restaurant setting

Expanding the Brand

Soon after completing her college degree, Jean Lee returned to her family’s restaurant, and, sensing the popularity of Dim Sum with the public, began selling frozen Cha Su Bao to Chinese restaurants and retailers. Due to the success of this endeavor, Jean Lee expanded the manufacturing part of the business to include a USDA facility, producing an extensive line of authentic Dim Sum and more than a dozen different varieties of Egg Rolls.


Golden Tiger ® is another example of a fine family tradition translating into products that are now being sold nationally. Golden Tiger® is one of the largest suppliers of Asian Dim Sum in food service as a result of many years of hard work by the Lee family.